Microsoft A.I. Bootcamp
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Girls in STEM – is an event created by Microsoft in order to encourage teenagers to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. 50 girls between 11 and 18 years old will take part in an amazing 2 days #GirlsInAI Hackathon, having the opportunity to learn more about the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.
The events took place in New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.
A crafted Mekanism Media campaign.
The mission was to empower each girl to fully embrace technology!
Before we press record, or take a picture, we keep in mind one essential thing: we need to discover Alice and get more and more girls to identify with her.

Our focus is to capture girls enjoying themselves while working together, smiling faces, curiosity, drive and emotion. We treat each event differently than a conference or event presentation. We think of it more as a roadshow – with every city, we get to know, inspire and empower more and more girls.

Each script was crafted with carefully selected images from the workshops, working together, hackathon moments, Q&A sessions, inspiring interviews and testimonials with key speakers to capture the atmosphere of each place
ime is of the essence!
As our team had the trans-Atlantic time difference to it’s advantage, we had the chance to edit both pictures and recap videos over night in order to be seen first thing in the morning.
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