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Lost and Found
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Between Worlds: An Extraordinary Adoption Story
What begins as a search for identity evolves into a transformative journey, as Jessi uncovers the secrets of her adoption, redefining what it means to be family.
Set against the backdrop of post-revolution Romania, “Lost and Found” chronicles Jessi’s profound quest for identity and family. Adopted into a loving home in Canada, Jessi’s longing to understand her roots leads her on a journey across continents to reconnect with her birth country. Along the way, the documentary explores the shadows of Romania’s adoption system, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of those navigating this complex landscape. Jessi’s story is a testament to the enduring strength of family ties and the universal desire to belong.


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image character
Jessie meets her mother for the first time
Otopeni Airport, Bucharest, 2018
image character
Jessie as a baby, with her adoptive father Peter
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
image character
Family portrait
Călărași, Romania, 2018
image character
Jessie searching for her sister
Călărași Hospital, Romania, 2019
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