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It could be You
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Part of a larger project called “Homeless People, Stories of Bucharest”, it aims at a journalistic and humanitarian dimension to give an introduction in the lives of homeless people in Bucharest. It brings to the fore the faces of unknown people who live outside of everyday normality, opening a dialogue designed to make conscius the general public see beyond the bubble in which they live.

The project started in 2018 and is being developed in collaboration with the Samusocial and Oamenii Străzii organizations. In the first stage, a series of photo sessions and interviews were carried out with different homeless people, removing them from the anonymity of their everyday environment, giving them the opportunity to tell their life story.

It Could Be You has a significant impact in the online environment:

  • The Facebook page has over 7,000 likes and over 8,000 followers.
  • The presentation videos posted on Facebook had over 49,000 views, reaching over 205,000 impressions during the promotion period from February to March 2019.
  • The number of unique visitors who interacted with the Facebook page during the same period was over 13,000.

Some of the audience reactions:

“Hi, I recently discovered your project and I think it’s amazing. It is an initiative that gives voice to forgotten, poor, misunderstood people. It’s emotional and terribly sad, but it’s reality. And it is precisely for this reason that I would like to ask you if there is anything that I or others could do to help them.” ~ Raluca Deaconu

“It is necessary for everyone’s “forgetters” and “shame” to become more than faces, to acquire dimensions close to heroes. I love you for doing this at the same time as those who put trash on a pedestal… you put the unfairness of life and human vulnerability on a pedestal for us to look at and learn not to be afraid to embrace and try to heal at least with respect. ” ~ Ma Taylor

Project visibility:

  • Online platforms: Facebook and Instagram
  • Press and radio partners: Europa FM, Radio Romania Cultural, Scena 9, DOR Decât O Revistă, Evenimentul Zilei
  • Photo and video exhibition within the One World Romania film festival
image character
George Ivașcanu
44 years old
image character
Bîrlădeanu Ion
70 years old
image character
Radu Mircea
60 years old
image character
Mărgineanu Ion
58 years old
image character
Liviu Marcu
61 years old
image character
Lambru Mariana
48 years old
image character
Hoidu Irene Mario
55 years old
image character
Cristinel Draghici
52 years old
image character
Chiriac Oana Adriana
28 years old
image character
Chersecanu Mihai
36 years old
image character
Radu Calomfirescu
50 years old
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