MEKANISM MEDIA is an independent production company based in Bucharest, Romania.

It was founded in 2016, by producer-director Laurentiu Garofeanu on the strength of over 15 year experience producing television programmes in London and NYC.

We are specialised in high-quality documentaries that have been produced for the international market and we offer a select portfolio of one-offs and series from the fields of human interest, culture, art, social and cultural issues.

Mekanism Media provides professional and reliable support to international production companies, studios, and networks. Our local production management portfolio includes feature films, documentaries, news and corporate videos or commercials. Every production is full-service: from script writing, producing, directing and shooting all the way through editing the final video.

We tell stories that involve the audience as a part of an experience.

We Offer
Research, Scout Locations, Interview Partners, and Additional Crew, Casting, Contracting, Local and Foreign Crew, Sourcing Local Equipment, Budget Planning, Permits, Project, Registration at National Film Commission, Liability Insurance, Temporary Import of, Equipment without paying bonds or taxes, Banking Assistance, Tax Incentive Management, Accounting
Logistics, Accommodation, Transport, Communication, Lighting Equipment (From Kino Flo to 18K HMI, Truck, Genni), Cherry Picker and Scissor Cranes to Jimmy Jib, Set Construction, Location & Camp Management, F/B on Location, Shipping of Stock, Security, Translation
Crew By Request
Fixer, 1AD, Local Production Manager, Location Manager, PAs, Camera Operator, Sound, Gaffer, Grip, Electrician, Art Director, Props Master, Drivers, Security and many more